Many animals escape or get lost.  Microchipping is a permanent I.D. so your pet can be returned to you.  Microchipping is the implanting of a permanent identification chip under your pets skin.  Each microchip is assigned a bar code.  Your information, such as name and address is kept in national database assigned to that code. If your pet is lost or stolen, it can be scanned and returned to you.  Microchipping is available to our clients using Home Again Companion Animal System.  The microchip can be administered to puppies and kittens at least six months of age, and to dogs and cats.

This procedure can usually be done during an office call.  If your pet is small, the doctor may recommend sedation or the application of a topical anesthetic, because of some discomfort.  If the pet is undergoing another procedure such as a dental cleaning or surgery, we recommend microchipping at that time since the animal will already be under anesthesia.

Before implantation you will be provided a form to fill out, that Detroit Dover Animal Hospital will send in to the Home Again National Recovery Service. The Home Again Recovery Service will send a confirmation to you once the company has received your information and completed your enrollment.  If you have any questions or if confirmation is not received within two weeks, please call 1-866-738-4324.

Once enrolled, the service is accessible 24 hours a day.  The service features: a proactive pet recovery network lost pet alerts to local vets, shelters, and pet rescuers, personalized “Lost Pet” posters, laminated Pet ID card and other services.