In accordance with American Animal Hospital Standards, our hospital maintains a pharmacy in house to better serve our clients. If your pet’s condition requires medication, most can be filled at the time of their office visit. The sooner treatment is started the sooner we can get your pet on the road to recovery.

Many pets have maintenance medications that they stay on continuously. These medicines greatly improve their quality of life. We will gladly fill these medications prescribed by our doctors if the pet has been examined by a doctor within the past year, the pet is current on any needed labwork, and we have the doctor’s approval. Every prescription that is filled is kept on file so that we have a long-standing record of your pet’s health and look to see if there are any contraindications of any medications. Our staff will provide you with the information you need to use these medications. Since efficacy of some medicines may depend on proper usage, we can demonstrate how to administer the medication properly.

The wrong medication at the wrong time can be very dangerous to your pet’s health. Always follow the directions on your pet’s prescription precisely. If your pet is not tolerating the medication or if your pet’s condition worsens, please call us immediately. Never give your pet human medication, as they can be deadly. Use only medication that has been prescribed by a veterinarian.

Our rules of dispensing for medications are controlled by the Ohio Department of Pharmacy. Under state law we are not permitted to take back, nor allow the returning of medications once they have been dispensed. We are unable to fax prescriptions, if you need a medication filled elsewhere, please call and request that the doctor provide a written prescription.

Prescription Diets

In addition to treating certain diseases or conditions with medications, some pets require different dietary needs. Prescription diets are formulated to be completely nutritionally balanced, but with the treatment of certain illnesses in mind. Dogs and cats with food allergies need to be on a hypoallergenic diet using an alternate protein and carbohydrate source. Pets with urinary tract disorders need special food that will help to dissolve stones or prevent the formation of crystals in the bladder. Intestinal upset in pets can be helped by using bland or easy to digest foods. Dogs and cats that are overweight may benefit by using one of the weight loss formulas. Our hospital has partnered with Hill’s, Iams, Purina, and Royal Canin pet food companies to meet these needs. If your pet’s condition warrants the use of a special food, we carry several prescription diets made by these manufacturers. Please discuss with your pet’s doctor the benefits of using a prescription diet.