Treats not Tricks


Yorkies Trick Or TreatHalloween and candy are synonymous to many people.  At this time of year, tasty treats abound and are readily accessible to pets.  Candy, especially chocolate, can be toxic to animals and can cause your pet to become very ill.  If treat wrappers are ingested, they may cause obstruction or irritation to the pet’s digestive system.  Candy and wrappers should be kept out of your pets’ reach and children should be taught not to share Halloween goodies with their pet.

Loud noises created by trick-or-treaters can frighten your cat or dog.  Providing a safe, stress free environment reduces the probability of your beloved friend injuring themselves or others.  Animals should be kept away from the door and out of hearing range of a constantly ringing doorbell and excited children.  Putting your pet in a room where they will not be disturbed by noise and activity can decrease your pet’s stress level.  A frightened or upset pet may run out the door at the first opportunity and could become lost or injured.